Sirius (siriuswolfstar) wrote in furryshamans,

A healing.

Today, while at work, a friend of mine had a migraine.

Now, I've healed/relieved migraines before. It's a simple thing really. As is most healing of that nature. Burns/Headaches/Muscle aches/Sore joints, most of this stuff can be covered with a, I don't want to say, 'simple', because that's ludicrous, a practice that gets easier with time.

Well, anyway, usually it takes me about 30 minutes to help a migraine. I sat her down and was like, "This may not work right away, so bear with me."

She sat in front of me facing away from me and I laid my hands on her neck. My forefingers extending in front of her ears and my thumbs covering the base of her neck.

I closed my eyes and threw myself into a trance and from there, started visualizing.

Most healing that I do is actually something I visualize. I look down and see the energy flowing in my body, see the energy flowing through whoever elses and work with what I have. She knows me, trusts me and cares for me, so it was all in all a fairly easy bridge to gap. I just told her, "Think about our friendship."

So, she did and I got to work. Visualizing most problems and extending your energy to correct the things that are 'wrong'. In a person of white light, if you see a black ball, do what you can to get rid of it. I kind of used a theory of Reiki, though I don't know if what I did was correct, it seemed to help the situation a whole hell of alot quicker than normally.

I pulled energy through her, using myself as a conduit, pulling it through her first and then through myself so that it had a place to go to. I filtered all the negative crap out of her and pulled it into myself, her fear, anger, hatred, stress, everything negative I could think of, I sucked out of her like a Hoover. I replaced it with the energy I was drawing from the things around me. Everything from the trees, to the wind, to the people, to the buildings, the water, the lake, everything. I pulled it through a type of...tunnel that started at her and ended with me. I dismissed most of her pain with practiced techniques and it only took me 5 minutes.

I was flabbergasted, because when I was done, she was an entirely white being of energy. I could see nothing wrong with her, no marr on her aura, nothing. I sat dumbstruck for a few moments before recovering myself and she simply said, "How'd you do that?"

So...yeah. Oh, right, when I was visualizing healing her, I 'felt' Wolf and Bear's paws lay over mine until the three of us created a burning brand of our paws. I placed this on her and was done almost instantly, (Also of course, asking to the Mother to help me, to teach me, that I've neglected my calling for way, way too long. I guess she listened...)

Okay, so, in other business, due to the apparent discomfurture of things, this will become a friends only group, generally we all know each other, if anyone has any questions for any of the other members, please ask, you all know who you are, save one person. If questions go unanswered, (Because alot of us share a pre-existing trust), then unfortunately you will be removed from the list. I think if I get more people asking to join, I might think up an application of sorts, and explain things to them. And after a time, friends filters could be opened to them...

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