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truth revealed

Today I got a call from someone I work with regularly, and we have somewhat of a friendship thing going on as well due to are very natures being similar. This guy knows a lot about my life cause I don't hide very much of my life from anyone, but may not mention a few things in the presence of people who don't need to know. I've told him that I'm a shaman, and he's seen my fursuit; he even knows that I am somewhat bisexual and am currently mainly looking for a guy to be with as I've always leaned towards the men.

Well the call was cause I've made a mention of talking to the trees on occasion, and tonight there was appearently a show on tonight of the Wife-Swap tv show where they were doing their normal controversial switch, and this time it happen to be a christion high rolling, bible thumping church woman and a pagan family that she was thrust into. (lame as always) The reason he called is cause in the show, one of the kids was seen standing outside talking, and it appeared to the woman that the kid was talking to know one. Upon query, she was told that by the kid that s/he was talking to the trees shich of course caused the normal upheaval, *chuckles* Well this guy was just absolutely amazed that there actually were other people in the world that actually talk to trees much like I've professed to have and still do.

I'm like, um, yeah, well I guess you get to see that what I believe is not a one person thing (I have always gotten somewhat of this vibe from this guy when I discuss such things) He says he's now curious and wants to know more, sheesh! I'm not exactly amazed by this, but Gods I wish I could just thunk him on the head and say "Listen sometimes and with more than your ears!"

Waving a hand in pow wow to all may fellow furs in the spirit realm, :)

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