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I walk the walk of Hamster. Take that as playfully or as seriously as is your wont.

Hey, folks. I'm following siriuswolfstar's lead and giving a bit of an intro.

I walk the path of reluctant spirituality, only giving in when my subconscious kind of hit me over the head with a brick and said "GIVE ME SOMETHING STRANGE AND WONDERFUL IN WHICH TO BELIEVE, OR YOU SHALL BECOME CRAZY-GO-NUTS." So, I started ritualizing some of my inherent strangeness.

I've come a long way in searching for the path that is right for me, and my path continues to evolve as I go forth. I've gone both dark and light, and reached a balance somewhere in the middle where I find the greatest reward in doing good for others by listening sincerely, speaking sincerely, and using my talents as storyteller to seat a lesson deeper than simple lecturing would do.

I walk the broken path of the Fool, forever starting anew, granted the privilege of speaking the Truth that even the King dare not say aloud. Perhaps not the grandest of callings, but still a necessary role in the court.

To me, the key element to defining the Shaman is that he is the one willing to exit this familiar world in order to seek his answers. Many methods can grant this undertaking, but the fact remains that we are the ones who feel most at home where so many feel the most out of place. And perhaps the opposite applies as well. But we bring the outside wisdom to those of our people who are willing to listen and pass on our words.

We are those who know the power of the Symbol. The act of linking a Thing as it is, to the Thought of a thing as it could be. And once this abstraction takes place, we are free to turn this Thing into something new. Because to change a Thing in the world may be the realm of artisans, but to change the Thought of a thing is the realm of true magic.
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