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Furry Shamans
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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in Shamanistic experiences' LiveJournal:

Saturday, May 1st, 2010
4:17 am
In which our bold narrator declares himself. (Those who know symbols will understand, and celebrate)
Hi. My name is Carl. I am shaman.

I'd like to introduce myself to all of the people who have kept me friendly.

I am a man of words. Sesquipedelianistic,

The eclectic eccentric.

It is the season for growth, and new beginnings.

It is that it is Anansi is like to creep inside my headspace, and weave his soul unto mine.
All the stories are mine, I shall share them carefully with you.

Turns out spider was just wearing a stuffed hamster like a big puppet fursuit, hey, he's got eight legs, each of them grabbing a different rope to manipulate arms, legs, eyelids, he's got a little lever that he presses to make the mouth fishhook sneer, or drool.

Spider's no fool, he knows you'd stomp on a spider, so he wore the stuffed hamster puppet for his own protection. And I can't blame him, as many people got tricked by him, I'd stomp him too!

But now Anansi is my friend. And he shall share the real stories with me so that I can color them up and make 'em enjoyable for the current contemporaries, before the Mouse sells them out and takes out any actual hint of morality play or significant symbolism inherent.

So this is what the true stories smell like. Ahhhhh.

Spider wouldn't come to me before, He made me catch Him.

I caught Him.

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Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
5:59 am
Lack of a clan
What do you do when you have a lack of people close by that you can care about? How does one celebrate the joy of being a shaman when there is no one to join in and be there with you? Why does this get harder as one gets older and no one comes around anymore?

Current Mood: thoughtful
Saturday, November 15th, 2008
5:39 am
I walk the walk of Hamster. Take that as playfully or as seriously as is your wont.
Hey, folks. I'm following siriuswolfstar's lead and giving a bit of an intro.

I walk the path of reluctant spirituality, only giving in when my subconscious kind of hit me over the head with a brick and said "GIVE ME SOMETHING STRANGE AND WONDERFUL IN WHICH TO BELIEVE, OR YOU SHALL BECOME CRAZY-GO-NUTS." So, I started ritualizing some of my inherent strangeness.

I've come a long way in searching for the path that is right for me, and my path continues to evolve as I go forth. I've gone both dark and light, and reached a balance somewhere in the middle where I find the greatest reward in doing good for others by listening sincerely, speaking sincerely, and using my talents as storyteller to seat a lesson deeper than simple lecturing would do.

I walk the broken path of the Fool, forever starting anew, granted the privilege of speaking the Truth that even the King dare not say aloud. Perhaps not the grandest of callings, but still a necessary role in the court.

To me, the key element to defining the Shaman is that he is the one willing to exit this familiar world in order to seek his answers. Many methods can grant this undertaking, but the fact remains that we are the ones who feel most at home where so many feel the most out of place. And perhaps the opposite applies as well. But we bring the outside wisdom to those of our people who are willing to listen and pass on our words.

We are those who know the power of the Symbol. The act of linking a Thing as it is, to the Thought of a thing as it could be. And once this abstraction takes place, we are free to turn this Thing into something new. Because to change a Thing in the world may be the realm of artisans, but to change the Thought of a thing is the realm of true magic.

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, November 14th, 2008
8:15 pm
Okay then.
So, we've steadily built a small group here.

I go by Sirius. I took my name from the star itself, the Dog Star, known as the first star on the path to heaven.

I'm a medicine man and have a strong, healthy connection to nature. I've been reaching for understanding of myself and the world around us all. I'm a teacher by calling and I feel like it's time to start making use of this community and reach out to some of you.

Maybe I can help.

I've worked with energy, extensively. I attuned myself to Reiki, if any of you are familiar with that. I've studied meditation techniques, chakras, energy flow, a start in herbs and oils and the animal connection that I refer to as the Shaman I am.

What are some of the things you all study?

What got you interested in shamanism and what is your personal definition? What does it mean to you to be a shaman and what are some of the responsibilities you believe come with it?

To really achieve a thorough connection to the energies that are required to take this kind of lifestyle seriously, you've got to adapt and change your mentalities and how you view yourself. There are a lot of things that will impede your personal growth. These should be taken in steps and seen as challenges to overcome, not obstacles.

So, let's hear who we've got here?
Thursday, November 13th, 2008
10:53 pm
truth revealed
Today I got a call from someone I work with regularly, and we have somewhat of a friendship thing going on as well due to are very natures being similar. This guy knows a lot about my life cause I don't hide very much of my life from anyone, but may not mention a few things in the presence of people who don't need to know. I've told him that I'm a shaman, and he's seen my fursuit; he even knows that I am somewhat bisexual and am currently mainly looking for a guy to be with as I've always leaned towards the men.

Well the call was cause I've made a mention of talking to the trees on occasion, and tonight there was appearently a show on tonight of the Wife-Swap tv show where they were doing their normal controversial switch, and this time it happen to be a christion high rolling, bible thumping church woman and a pagan family that she was thrust into. (lame as always) The reason he called is cause in the show, one of the kids was seen standing outside talking, and it appeared to the woman that the kid was talking to know one. Upon query, she was told that by the kid that s/he was talking to the trees shich of course caused the normal upheaval, *chuckles* Well this guy was just absolutely amazed that there actually were other people in the world that actually talk to trees much like I've professed to have and still do.

I'm like, um, yeah, well I guess you get to see that what I believe is not a one person thing (I have always gotten somewhat of this vibe from this guy when I discuss such things) He says he's now curious and wants to know more, sheesh! I'm not exactly amazed by this, but Gods I wish I could just thunk him on the head and say "Listen sometimes and with more than your ears!"

Waving a hand in pow wow to all may fellow furs in the spirit realm, :)


Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, June 9th, 2008
1:21 am
I am new..

Well, I know this sound odd,maybe, but I joined this community because I am interested in being a shaman.

But I notice I guess I need help to get help.

And well.. I am looking for a teacher!

Sorry, I am pretty shy.. but please message me if you know anyone who can help me!


Current Mood: anxious
Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
2:05 am
"The Internet is Jewish."
I just sent in my first unsolicited essay in hopes that maybe someone at NPR's "This American Life" will read it. I'm shy because I am a perfectionist in nature, yet I admit that I have to submit something or else nobody will read it. Thus, I take the shortcut, mask myself into a shameless performer, warts and all, and dare the reader not to read it.

"The Internet is Jewish."

Here is my overanalytical opening statement nutshelled for your enjoyment:
I was born Catholic, raised Methodist, spent some time exploring LaVeyan Satanism, flopped into an atheist when that scene started turning bad, evolved into somewhat of an eclectic Shaman; but the Internet is Jewish.

We evolved as geeks who were estranged from our social peers, forced to find other ways to socialize, we began to learn the way of being physically passive, yet intellectually neophilic.

We learned how to shield ourselves from the social blows of playground bullies, while retaining our inner child with awestruck fascination with things that are new, goading one another into trying something stupid and creative where the consequences of failure were nil.

We grew up with this internet, with this "Instant Messaging" system completely uprooting prior advertising campaigns because we had a tabula rasa on which to play the fool, the jester who is not afraid to shout that the emperor is naked.

We grew up with a culture that encouraged pranking and anonymity, the sharing of ideas and change as a good thing, as our technophobic fathers tried to adapt to the parabolic curve of NEW STUFF.

We turned from a culture of the sixties that was trying to encourage their toddlers to try new things into a positive feedback loop that will only create more novelty and trust bonds. They wanted us to try new things, but not THAT many, not THAT new, not THAT fast.

And yet, the masses at large, those who use the internet as a tool rather than a lifestyle, the "real people" who try to use a baseball bat as a tool when the console starts making a funny noise, they still estrange us.

They tell us that they don't need our new technology. And they're right, they don't need it. They can get along just fine without us.

But when you have a Jewish baker who does not define himself as a Jew, yet has that label thrust upon him, he's still known as the Jewish baker.

But he takes that name, that title, makes the best damn bread this street has ever seen, and all of you are welcome to his business, Jewish or not.

And he takes the profits from that bakery, makes something good, tries to make his own community a little better?

And he takes the goodwill that comes from the people whose lives he has bettered, individually?

But he's still a Jew, an outcast.

And I'm still an internet junkie.

Thank you.

-Carl Johnson, 3-23-2008

Hey, I know me a lawbook!
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008
8:12 pm
Request for audio samples of your furry totem.
Hey, folks. I'm up on FAWM, February Album Writing Month (check out my completely random and silly stuff so far here http://www.fawm.org/writers.php?id=529 ) and I have an idea.

I am requesting audio samples from many furs, acting out your totem animal. Be very corny, overacting, and stereotypical as all hell. Have fun, I know there are a bunch of good voices I can mix up for this audio project!

"Bark Bark Bark! I am a Dog!"
"Mrrrrrowrl. I am Cat."
"Dook Dook! Ferret I is!"

My contact info is as follows:
AIM/YIM: InfintySquared
e-mail: infintysquared(at)yahoo.com
LJ: http://infintysquared.livejournal.com
FAWM: http://www.fawm.org/writers.php?id=529

Let's see what comes of this!
- Zel
De Hamsta what makes some Muzicking, non?
(Let's just assume that all samples are released under Creative Commons Sharealike license, by default.)

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Friday, September 7th, 2007
11:45 am
Can't spend every day looking for jobs, gotta have a life once in a while!
Today we hit up the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Very pretty, I haven't been there in... Say, fifteen years.

The most striking moment of the day for me was, oddly enough, the scent of the willow grove. They had a weeping willow with her limbs draping the ground of the island upon which she grew. All that willow, the salicylic oils just hit me like a wave of goodbitter smell.

I love the symbolism of the willow.

Current Mood: calm
Monday, May 28th, 2007
2:07 pm
All right.
For those of you that have been part of this a while and noticed that there's not been much activity, please know that I'm going to give this another earnest shot and hopefully we'll start to collect a few more people.

So, with that being said, I've been lax in accepting people that wanted to join. If you know anyone that's tried, lemme' know and I'll send out an invite.

Ideally, more content will follow in the days to come.

Monday, April 16th, 2007
12:04 am
A New Path
As I mentioned roughly a month ago when I went down to Huntsville, I took off my pentagram, mentioning it felt "heavy" and "awkward" for me to wear it. Since removing it from my daily attire, I haven't felt weighed down. In its place, I wear a simple hematite pendant on a leather cord, which feels much more "normal" for me, particularly as hematite is my personal stone of power.

I didn't give a really cohesive answer as to why I stopped wearing it then, but I'm ready to now.

While technically Pagan, as Paganism is simply the lack of following a written religion (Many thanks to orchidwings for catching my mistake! ^_^), I am a shaman.No minced words. While reading The Way of the Shaman, I had the proverbial ton of bricks hit me. Why was I wearing a pentagram? Why was I trying to fit my beliefs to a structure? Why was I trying to rationalize something that feels natural to me? I see, hear, and talk to spirits and it doesn't affect how I lead my life. I turn to specific animal spirits and nature rather than a set of gods and goddesses.

It is as natural for me to talk to Tiger, Wolf, Dragon, or Mother Earth as it is for me to talk to Chris, Terri, or Dennis. Fire is my element and Tiger is one of my three spirit guides, though there are many others who offer me guidance and advice should I ask of it.

I'm surprised it took me this long to realize what, no, who I am and to accept it. I have been active for several years, come to think of it. From that first time when I was in 7th grade that I asked Mother Earth to lend me her strength and was able to channel. Perhaps even younger.

I look at myself in the astral superimposed on the physical and see my hands as paws and feel the long hair of the wolf, the Dark-Pawed Sage. I know when I shift to my other forms and do not take this gift for granted. There is a reason behind it.

What is Shamanism to me?

Being a teacher and a healer, first and foremost. I am one who people know they can turn to in times of distress and I will listen. I might not always be able to help, but I offer my shoulder for comfort and my ears to hear. I consistently learn, and in turn, am able to teach and offer advice.

I am trustworthy. This goes hand-in-hand with my job in the physical, but in regards to my spiritual path, it means that I will not lead those who choose to listen to me astray. I am not a shaman for money or to be some freak show. I recognize that the title of shaman is one that is laden with responsibility, both to the shaman himself and the shaman's community. Too many have taken the title for granted and have harmed others for their personal gain. This directly goes against the shaman's responsibility of being a healer and a benevolent presence.

Shamanism does not mean that I "play" with things I don't know about. I do not get involved with forces that I do not know the motivation or capability of, thereby protecting both myself and those I am connected with. I am not a practitioner of voodoo, though voodoo is a form of shamanism, and one that I respect.

Current Mood: Resolved
Saturday, April 14th, 2007
7:34 pm
A random thought on a cloudy day.
I adore my totem, he is so bizarre and out of place amongst creatures such as Wolf, Coyote, Cat, Rabbit or Horse. And yet there he is; shy, humble hamster, befuddled at being thrown into this series of strange creatures, yet unfazeable he always has a place to stay dark and dry and happy, for he burrows his own nest.

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Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
1:19 am
Full moon.
Okay, so, it's time to resurrect this thing. Time to actually start using it. Stop worrying about who sees it and just start posting for the sake of posting in it.

The full moon has always affected me in some ways, but recently, (past 2 years), it's begun to affect me in much more significant ways.

Now, I don't know if this is a connection to the Mother or if this is because I am tuned to Wolf, but it seems to take alot out of me and put alot back into me.

Usually I can't focus on an emotion strong enough to actually feel anything until it gets to an extreme. I've been healing from my childhood for sometime now and have gotten better, but with the full moon I've always been able to feel the full extent of the emotion, and that's not always a good thing. My mind takes this nose dive into an emotion and I get to rage, or lust, or simply feel peace as I've never known it. Pure emotion is a frightening thing.

Anyhow, I was just curious how the full moon affected some of you others?
Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
2:54 am
A healing.
Today, while at work, a friend of mine had a migraine.

Now, I've healed/relieved migraines before. It's a simple thing really. As is most healing of that nature. Burns/Headaches/Muscle aches/Sore joints, most of this stuff can be covered with a, I don't want to say, 'simple', because that's ludicrous, a practice that gets easier with time.

Well, anyway, usually it takes me about 30 minutes to help a migraine. I sat her down and was like, "This may not work right away, so bear with me."

She sat in front of me facing away from me and I laid my hands on her neck. My forefingers extending in front of her ears and my thumbs covering the base of her neck.

I closed my eyes and threw myself into a trance and from there, started visualizing.

Most healing that I do is actually something I visualize. I look down and see the energy flowing in my body, see the energy flowing through whoever elses and work with what I have. She knows me, trusts me and cares for me, so it was all in all a fairly easy bridge to gap. I just told her, "Think about our friendship."

So, she did and I got to work. Visualizing most problems and extending your energy to correct the things that are 'wrong'. In a person of white light, if you see a black ball, do what you can to get rid of it. I kind of used a theory of Reiki, though I don't know if what I did was correct, it seemed to help the situation a whole hell of alot quicker than normally.

I pulled energy through her, using myself as a conduit, pulling it through her first and then through myself so that it had a place to go to. I filtered all the negative crap out of her and pulled it into myself, her fear, anger, hatred, stress, everything negative I could think of, I sucked out of her like a Hoover. I replaced it with the energy I was drawing from the things around me. Everything from the trees, to the wind, to the people, to the buildings, the water, the lake, everything. I pulled it through a type of...tunnel that started at her and ended with me. I dismissed most of her pain with practiced techniques and it only took me 5 minutes.

I was flabbergasted, because when I was done, she was an entirely white being of energy. I could see nothing wrong with her, no marr on her aura, nothing. I sat dumbstruck for a few moments before recovering myself and she simply said, "How'd you do that?"

So...yeah. Oh, right, when I was visualizing healing her, I 'felt' Wolf and Bear's paws lay over mine until the three of us created a burning brand of our paws. I placed this on her and was done almost instantly, (Also of course, asking to the Mother to help me, to teach me, that I've neglected my calling for way, way too long. I guess she listened...)

Okay, so, in other business, due to the apparent discomfurture of things, this will become a friends only group, generally we all know each other, if anyone has any questions for any of the other members, please ask, you all know who you are, save one person. If questions go unanswered, (Because alot of us share a pre-existing trust), then unfortunately you will be removed from the list. I think if I get more people asking to join, I might think up an application of sorts, and explain things to them. And after a time, friends filters could be opened to them...

Thursday, October 13th, 2005
4:55 am
I just had a thought. Shall we make this a friend's only community?

There're alot of personal things that might possibly be related here and I don't want anyone to really worry about it. I trust most of you with my life, so, for me it's not that big a deal. I'm rather open about who and what I am anyway, so, I'll leave that to you.

A few things.

Meditation. What does everyone do to meditate? Do you meditate? Could we organize a group meditation? Something...I don't know. One of those, "Groups of people" create an energy all their own. I want to see what we can do as a group, if it comes to it. Maybe set a goal in mind and try to pool our resources together to get it to happen? I know that's not the key to meditation, but, partially, it's something that helps hone the skills we possess.

Am I being too ambitious?

This whole spirituality thing is something that I've taken forgranted for too long. I'd like to explore it.

Also, I'm not sure exactly what route ya'll wanna' take with this community, that's really, up to you. If there's something you'd like to discuss, or something you have questions about, or maybe even want to get to know more about a specific subject, ask away. When one of us learns, we all learn. And I think, better off for it.
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
11:45 pm
Alright, so a dream I had the other night.

After Wuffmeet I kind of collapsed and fell asleep for a few hours. Having only gotten a few hours of sleep, y'know.

I passed out, and I passed out hard. I woke up once before my actual dream and I literally could not move. I fell back asleep in a matter of moments and then it started.

I was in this place, not really sure where. A business or restaurant of some sort and I was serving people. Helping them out, managing staff, general stuff I do at work. Well, it came to this point where someone fucked up, big time, so I had to 'have a conversation' with said employee. We went into this room that had been previously closed so as to have some privacy.

We went into the room to talk and I looked around and realized that, well, there were some spiders. I kinda' shivered because, being deathly allergic to spiders, it's one of those things. (Althought I'm beginning to believe I'm not deathly allergic, or a doctor lied to me, or I have an incredibly good immune system to battle poisons.)

We started talking and I kinda' laid into him. In that friendly manner of mine, but there it was. Well, then people started coming into that room and sitting down, waiting to be served. And it changed into a party. People were lounging, people were drinking, all the exciting stuff that comes from a party.

The spiders were increasing. They were everywhere. I tried not to kill any, but a few landed on me and so I slapped them. Well, after a little while, the spiders eventually bit me. Alot. I started building hives. Now, I don't know what kinds of limitations you all have on your dreams, but, I experience everything as if I were awake and in reality. I even thought to myself, "Oh good, I have my insurance card on me so I can go to the emergency room." I was calm and did my best to handle the situation, but my body was coursing with pain and I could feel the poisons moving from my arms into my blood stream.

I staggered outside and a friend helped me into my car and I took the passenger seat. She went back inside the house the party was at to grab her cell phone in case we needed get ahold of someone, an emergency, all that.

We drove down the street and as we were turning, I saw a man. Sitting in a car. Laughing. It was malicious, it was evil, and I knew, more or less, he was the one trying to kill me. He was attempting to end my life for whatever reason.

Well, while we were driving, I think the actual place of my dream is in a place in my mind. Y'see, I had a dream not too long ago that all the cities I've lived in are connected in my mind by a central hub, and in this place, the distances are shortened to nothing. So, I was in a part of Albuquerque in my mind and we were driving to a hospital. On the highway we were on, something happened. We hit a spell, some barrier of magic and instantly, it took hold.

The windshield shattered inwards and me and her both started screaming. The glass rent our skin and we were transported to some other place, inside of the spell. I could feel myself melting, feel myself changing, being slowly destroyed at the hands of this magic. It sent me through time, space and such a complete unraveling I didn't know what was going on. I went to so many different places, it's almost like I was seeing my life flash before my eyes, but it wasn't my life and it was with a girl I didn't recognize.

We ended up being husks, dolls almost, lacking life and lacking anything to do with anything, besides that we existed in some form or another. And then I woke up.

I could move freely, but my body ached.

It was disturbing, highly and I'm not terribly sure what to make of it.
4:52 am
First post.


Well, here it is. Concieved in a day. I guess, to start off with, give a little bit about yourself, as well as your connection.

My upbringing brought me in line to become a medicine man. I was slated to be a healer for my people, if things were like they were 200 years ago. But, times have changed and so has the purpose of my birthright.

I've always had a good perception of the world around me, be it nature or supernatural. My lineage sets me in place to be a healer, from both sides, mother and father and so, here I am. Disciple of nature and embraced by a score of animal totems, Wolf being the strongest.

I can feel spirits, I can feel energy, see auras and trances and meditation are like second breath's. I'm looking for practical experience and a way to guide myself to greater knowledge of myself and what I can do.

I'm full blooded Native American so those roots run strong, alot of my, albeit hesitantly, basing comes from it. I've run from it for so long and it's finally caught up with me. Having said no to the training at the age of 5, it's back and its no longer an option. So, I embrace it full tilt and hopefully I can do whatever it needs me to.
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