We would lynch him if we could locate him (infintysquared) wrote in furryshamans,
We would lynch him if we could locate him

Request for audio samples of your furry totem.

Hey, folks. I'm up on FAWM, February Album Writing Month (check out my completely random and silly stuff so far here http://www.fawm.org/writers.php?id=529 ) and I have an idea.

I am requesting audio samples from many furs, acting out your totem animal. Be very corny, overacting, and stereotypical as all hell. Have fun, I know there are a bunch of good voices I can mix up for this audio project!

"Bark Bark Bark! I am a Dog!"
"Mrrrrrowrl. I am Cat."
"Dook Dook! Ferret I is!"

My contact info is as follows:
AIM/YIM: InfintySquared
e-mail: infintysquared(at)yahoo.com
LJ: http://infintysquared.livejournal.com
FAWM: http://www.fawm.org/writers.php?id=529

Let's see what comes of this!
- Zel
De Hamsta what makes some Muzicking, non?
(Let's just assume that all samples are released under Creative Commons Sharealike license, by default.)

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