Sirius (siriuswolfstar) wrote in furryshamans,

Okay then.

So, we've steadily built a small group here.

I go by Sirius. I took my name from the star itself, the Dog Star, known as the first star on the path to heaven.

I'm a medicine man and have a strong, healthy connection to nature. I've been reaching for understanding of myself and the world around us all. I'm a teacher by calling and I feel like it's time to start making use of this community and reach out to some of you.

Maybe I can help.

I've worked with energy, extensively. I attuned myself to Reiki, if any of you are familiar with that. I've studied meditation techniques, chakras, energy flow, a start in herbs and oils and the animal connection that I refer to as the Shaman I am.

What are some of the things you all study?

What got you interested in shamanism and what is your personal definition? What does it mean to you to be a shaman and what are some of the responsibilities you believe come with it?

To really achieve a thorough connection to the energies that are required to take this kind of lifestyle seriously, you've got to adapt and change your mentalities and how you view yourself. There are a lot of things that will impede your personal growth. These should be taken in steps and seen as challenges to overcome, not obstacles.

So, let's hear who we've got here?
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