We would lynch him if we could locate him (infintysquared) wrote in furryshamans,
We would lynch him if we could locate him

In which our bold narrator declares himself. (Those who know symbols will understand, and celebrate)

Hi. My name is Carl. I am shaman.

I'd like to introduce myself to all of the people who have kept me friendly.

I am a man of words. Sesquipedelianistic,

The eclectic eccentric.

It is the season for growth, and new beginnings.

It is that it is Anansi is like to creep inside my headspace, and weave his soul unto mine.
All the stories are mine, I shall share them carefully with you.

Turns out spider was just wearing a stuffed hamster like a big puppet fursuit, hey, he's got eight legs, each of them grabbing a different rope to manipulate arms, legs, eyelids, he's got a little lever that he presses to make the mouth fishhook sneer, or drool.

Spider's no fool, he knows you'd stomp on a spider, so he wore the stuffed hamster puppet for his own protection. And I can't blame him, as many people got tricked by him, I'd stomp him too!

But now Anansi is my friend. And he shall share the real stories with me so that I can color them up and make 'em enjoyable for the current contemporaries, before the Mouse sells them out and takes out any actual hint of morality play or significant symbolism inherent.

So this is what the true stories smell like. Ahhhhh.

Spider wouldn't come to me before, He made me catch Him.

I caught Him.
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