Sirius (siriuswolfstar) wrote in furryshamans,


I just had a thought. Shall we make this a friend's only community?

There're alot of personal things that might possibly be related here and I don't want anyone to really worry about it. I trust most of you with my life, so, for me it's not that big a deal. I'm rather open about who and what I am anyway, so, I'll leave that to you.

A few things.

Meditation. What does everyone do to meditate? Do you meditate? Could we organize a group meditation? Something...I don't know. One of those, "Groups of people" create an energy all their own. I want to see what we can do as a group, if it comes to it. Maybe set a goal in mind and try to pool our resources together to get it to happen? I know that's not the key to meditation, but, partially, it's something that helps hone the skills we possess.

Am I being too ambitious?

This whole spirituality thing is something that I've taken forgranted for too long. I'd like to explore it.

Also, I'm not sure exactly what route ya'll wanna' take with this community, that's really, up to you. If there's something you'd like to discuss, or something you have questions about, or maybe even want to get to know more about a specific subject, ask away. When one of us learns, we all learn. And I think, better off for it.
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