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Furry Shamans isn't about saying who is and who isn't a Shaman.

It's not about flaunting powers or abilities, whether they be natural or not.

This community isn't even about the importance of Shamans in this world.

This community is about the sharing and guiding of ourselves, for ourselves.

This is a place to express your ideas and your thoughts about Shamanism, to share dreams, share omens, share what it is you feel. What is your connection? Be it animal, be it element, be it The Mother, there are many different paths to finding balance in nature and of yourself, come, talk with us about it.

The inspiration for this is for us to train together, become closer together, and to become something more than what we were by expanding our minds to create a deeper space in our hearts and souls for who and what we are.

Now, join me on our quest into self exploration, maybe we'll turn up somethin' good.

As with most communities, B.S. will NOT be tolerated.

I can't begin to express how much this is a free-thinking, open forum. You even start to tell someone else they are wrong because they believe something differently than you, I don't care how wrong they might've been, it won't be tolerated.

General discussion is, of course, fine, if you disagree, then say so, and explain why. This isn't about wrong and right, it's about seeing other people's point of views to expand your own.

Rudeness, uncalled for anything is also very unwelcome. You know the drills, common sense rules here.